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Upcoming Activities

* Events admission will be free of charge for spectators, but we encourage you to make a donation to keep these events free. We may at times ask for a specific donation amount from participants when there is not enough funding for an event, but rest assured that your donation will be used for the event that it was collected.

* Your participation in any of our events constitutes your expressed and implied consent to be filmed, photographed, and recorded, and we may use, publish, delete, archive, and share them in any manners that may benefit only JEAMS, Inc. under the law. We make no guarantee that the events will be to individual satisfaction as we aim to serve the public in general. We reserve the rights to modify our policies without notice.

* We are a public charity, and therefore, depends on contributions from the public and other organizations; all fund collected will be solely for the purpose of providing social services to the public; records of all transactions will be safely kept at a designated location and be ready for public inspection when required.

*Each event will have a separate donate button, which will be different from the main donate button at the footer. So, please, don't click on the main donate button if you want to donate to a specific event listed below.  Click  only the link on that event to donate and register if necessary

Happenings you shouldn't miss.

 6 a 8



Aug 6 to 8


Kankou: Kous pou lapè antr pèp la ak polis nasyónal

Kous la ap konmanse bò​ pòs polis lamarin nan Kafou, Ayiti

Event: Race to promote peace between the public and the PNH

START near the Marine Haïtienne Police Station in Carrefour, Haiti


Bay sa ke ou kapab 

Donation Welcomed

Nou bezwen volontè

Volunteer needed

Don sa a se pou ede polis Ayisyen 

ki nan bezwen

Donate to help Haitian police officers in need

31 May


May 9


Bay Fanm Valè ak Glwa

Celebrate the life of women

Evènman:  Ouvri Sal Ijans pou ónore fanm jou fèt manman Ayiti

Objektif: $300000 US pou achte ekipman medikal ak lòt nesesè yo ak pou peye salè

Event: Open free Urgent Care Clinics in their honor on mother's day

Goal: $300000 to buy the necessary medical supplies and equipments and salary


Bay sa ke ou kapab 

Donation Welcomed

Nou bezwen volontè

Volunteers needed

Bay don sa a pou ede Fanm jwenn Travay

Donate to help Women get jobs


Saving Lives. Building Futures.

Hope Without Borders. ​

Become A Volunteer

For questions about events, email the event coordinators on the following contact details below only


4500 Belle Dr, Apt D.

Metairie, LA  70006

13 Rue St Fleur,  Mahotiere 75

Carrerour, Haiti


For Info about events in the USA only

For info about events in Haiti only

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