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Thank You For Your Support!

The Underprivileged Community of Haiti sends you a thousand thanks

Mr. Joseph is thankful for your donation and encourages you to continue to help some of the families in need.

Young Haitian Entrepreneurs Recycle Wastes into Beauty

JEAMS, Inc. helps young entrepreneurs in their efforts to keep Haiti green.  They thank you for your contribution to help put food on their tables. You also partly helped with the funeral expense for their sister and friend

"Mr. Junior Mezilus, a thousand thanks." "May God bless you ... you, greathearted human being"

Jossel had untreated eyes problem for over 15 years, and with our help paying for his treatment, he can see better now. He thanks you for this gift. 

"May God bless this organization!"

"May God bless and touch the heart of others, so they may give to help the organization continue its work." 

The people of Tortuga (Isle de la Tortue) thank you and are thinking of you.

Hooray! You made a great impact

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