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Please Make A Donation To Save Lives In The Underprivileged Community Or Sponsor Someone Today!

Honoring And Creating Jobs For Women

Young Haitian Mother Seeks Jobs to Feed Her Family

Like all mothers, would like to protect and take care of herself and family. Unfortunately, because Haiti has no structures, it is hard to find jobs, unless you are willing to degrade yourself. She lives in Carrefour, Haiti. Would you like to sponsor her, please?

Complete the sponsor application here 

Donate to help Fizelya directly here

Fizelya Surgery To Remove Lump On Her Breast

Fizelya Had A Surgery to Remove A Lump On Her Breast. She lives in Carrefour, Haiti. She needs your kindness. prayers and donations while she recovers. Would you like to Sponsor Fizelya, please?

Complete the sponsor application here

Donate to help Fizelya directly here

Melienne and Rachelle Looking job and education

Melienne, left of your screen, Registered Nurse.

Rachelle, right of your screen, Student.

Never Worked before.

Both Need jobs.

Complete the sponsor application here

Donate to help create jobs for  Melienne and Rachelle


Please Make A Donation Today Because They Are Our Most Precious Gifts!

Caring For The Victims And Survivors

No MEANS No!                                                           Yes MEANS Maybe!

"One in five women and one in 71 men will be raped at some point in their lives"  in the United States. "Four in Five "including children as young as two years old are raped in Haiti in one survey by Doctors without borders. 

It is very important to educate each other on the devastating effects of rape and abuse. It is equally important to teach people that No means exactly that, and even if a person had said yes,  that person has the right to change it to a no in the course of the event.

When one person is violated, we are all affected at some level; it is as if that person has been given a death sentence, most times. His or her life is on hold for the full period or until recovery, and some people never recover at all. The best way for recovery is community togetherness.

We, at JEAMS, Inc., would love to be this community to care for them. We want you to be part of this community in dire need of care as well. Your donation, small or big, will provide the financial advantage to help in their recovery.

"I swear my dress was not too tight."

"Why me?"

"I know that I am only 15, and he is 40 years old, but we are in love and in a mature relationship."

If you found yourself saying any of these statements or something similar because of what someone else did to you,  or if you know a person who is saying any of those statements because of what someone else did to that person, please, call the authorities, the National Sexual Assault Hotline and/or find resources online. We are not affiliated with NSVRC nor Rainn, but we care about your well-being. 

Contact them now! They can help.

​You will be proud that you call them!

Honoring Those In Need

Please Make A Donation Today Because They Are Our Future And The Mind Is Too Important To Waste!

Sponsoring Education

Need help to pay for school and food

Needs better education and financial Assitance.

Handicapped and cannot find work. She needs financial assistance to open a small business and to pay her kid's education fees.

Youth Football (Soccer) for Education

PoRoFoC Academie Fights against Poverty, Illiteracy, and Delinquency through Youth Soccer


Watch their video on Youtube below

* JEAMS, Inc. needs your help to Pay for their education. About $200 per child per year at their current School. Make a donation, please.

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