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Here’s what we’ve been working on:

Free Mobile Clinic: 

You help these families more than you can imagine

Provided Free Mobile Clinic at Montagne Nerette in Haiti and created jobs for a few nurses and Doctors.

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Cleaned this Street

Installed Street lights to deter thief 

Paid for School for Makenley. Left of Screen

Financial Assistance and mentorship for Jimmy, right of your screen.

Financial Assistance

Gave Employment

Gave employment to one Taxi Driver

Thank You For Your Support!

Taking healthcare to the unreachable community in Haiti:  Montagne Nerette, Haiti. Our first mobile Clinic for the poor.

During the COVID-19, JEAMS, Inc. feeds Carrefour

During the Covid, JEAMS, Inc. fed many communities (Over Three hundred families fed)

Food distribution: 11th Section, Carrefour, Haiti

During the COVID-19, JEAMS, Inc. feeds the 11th communal section of Carrefour

Food distribution: Gressier, Haiti

During the COVID-19, JEAMS, Inc. feeds Gressier, Haiti

Food distribution: Mahotière, Carrefour, Haiti

Haiti was going through some difficult moments, and poverty is increasing. JEAMS, Inc., with the help of OSCM, brought groceries to the Elderly Community on Mahotière, Carrefour, Haiti, while the country is on full lock-down mode, 2019. And again, during COVID-19, in 2020, we fed a few more elderly people in need.

With your donation, we can continue to feed those who eat every few days.

Employment opportunity

Helped 5​0 Farmers and five farms

We create employment opportunity for the youths and elderly in Haiti because of you. In addition to helping them plant and harvest, we purchased the crops and fed over 300 families with a two (2) to three (3) weeks food kit, each.

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