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Saving Lives. Building Futures.

Hope Without Borders.

The community that we serve: Lost dignity and no one to care.

At JEAMS, Inc., creating a friendlier community is our difference. What's your dream?

Your Donation Gives Dignity And Respect. Make It Counts.

Our promise: Your Donation Can Make A Huge Difference.

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Jun Et Aaliyah Multi Services, Inc.

A nonprofit organization, for the purpose of giving the gift that lasts and empowering a community who has to choose between food and education or being homeless. 

We aim to:

  • Restore dignity and respect and provide social services to the underprivileged community   

  • Care for the underprivileged community

  • Close the gap in education for the underprivileged community

  • Give a voice  to battered and sexually abused women and children

  • Bring the international community together to foster a smarter and more productive world for our youth

  • and much more 

Securing our future is our priority. 

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