You won’t be charged a penny to see your research paper (minimum of 3 to 4 pages, or 1,500 words) in print as quickly as 1 month. Hardcopies of our honor society’s new peer reviewed academic journal will be distributed on the Harvard campus on November 4, 2017 at our EAM 2017 Fall Meeting. Submit manuscripts to the Journal of the Epsilon Alpha Mu Society (JEAMS™) by October 1, 2017 via

Author Instructions

Each of the downloadable information sheets below contains useful background for authors, and discloses our process and policies. Our author instructions and submission guidelines are similar to those of other well known print journals. Like other journals, JEAMS will ask authors to sign a Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosure, to use established public repositories for cell lines, to follow the REMARK guidelines for reporting tumor markers prognostic studies, to provide evidence of informed consent from human subjects, to register prospective clinical trials, to conform to the CONSORT guidelines for phase II and phase III clinical trials, etc..

JEAMS voluntarily conforms with guidelines and best practices published by various professional organizations, including Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals from International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) as well as Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing, a joint statement by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA), and the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME).

At minimum, authors are encouraged to right-click and download information sheet #6 first, then also information sheets #1 to #5:


Author Instructions

1. Checklist
2. Submitting
3. Figures
4. Supplemental
5. Data

Publishing Policies

6. Manuscript Types ←CLICK HERE
7. Ethics Policy
8. Conflicts of Interest
9. Embargo Policy
10. License Policy

Current Look of Our Print Journal

Green color of the Ivy leaves is used in the latest design, layout, and format of our print journal. Content will include original investigations, review articles, editorials, letters, and advertisements. Columnists in various scientific fields and at our honor society chapters at the Ivy League institutions will get their own regular columns.

JEAMS will try to publish 100 page issues up to 4 times a year, which should accommodate ideally 6 to 8 manuscripts per issue. Depending upon demand and funding, we hope to increase our publishing schedule from quarterly to bimonthly (every 2 months, or 6 times a year).

If you are a potential advertiser, please email to obtain a mock issue and other details. Meanwhile, click on the images below to view some representative pages at larger sizes, or right click to magnify or download.


Submission Overview

Any field of study is welcome for the October 1, 2017 submission deadline. JEAMS publishes generally within the biomedical and life sciences, but welcomes research in any STEM field. We seek to publish valid and scientifically sound research that represent important advances. We will not consider papers previously published, or already self-published on a blog or a pre-print server like arXiv.

We charge $0 submission fee and $0 article processing charge (APC) because JEAMS is not an open access journal. Instead, JEAMS is a subscription journal that has a one year embargo period for unpaid readers who want our content for free. During that embargo period, JEAMS will try to recover from the loss from not charging the authors, e.g. through subscriptions, advertising, and donations.

The identities of the author and peer reviewers would be anonymous initially in the double-blind open peer review on our password protected online platform where the author would be allowed to interact with the peer reviewers. This interaction will accelerate the peer review process, and will eliminate the major delay from each peer reviewer drafting individual reports for the editors. Occasionally, the identities of the peer reviewers would be disclosed to give publication credit by listing their names on the published paper.



Minimum of 3 pages, 1,500 words, 4 exhibits, and up to 25 references.

Review Articles

Limited to 8 pages, 4,000 words, 5 exhibits, and up to 50 references.

Images / Cases / Columns

Limited to 1 page, 800 words, 4 exhibits, and up to 12 references.

Why We Publish a New Print Journal

Print isn’t dead. While online journals are increasingly cheaper and popular, their impact is limited by their obscurity and reputation, and asking life science and biomedical authors to pay up to $5,000 to get published in “gold” Open Access online journals is often a non-starter. Because the EAM honor society supports the Ivy League institutions, a new print journal to publish the research of the inductees of this honor society is a reasonable endeavor, esp. where our authors pay nothing to get published (assuming the copyrights are transferred to the journal).

Today’s prestigious high impact journal typically began as one generalist print publication, and after developing a good reputation over decades, the publisher launched subspecialty journals that were eventually also made available online. After a few successful years, our new print journal similarly might launch subspecialty journals (e.g. JEAMS Chemistry, JEAMS Cardiology, JEAMS Robotics, etc.) also available online.


Why You Should Publish in JEAMS

High impact journals have zero impact on our key readers who include wealthy Ivy League alumni and other check writers who often lack scientific backrounds and thus rarely subscribe to those high impact journals. We enjoy increasing numbers of these funding sources who rely upon our EAM honor society to identify and to vet worthy scientists and projects through our STEM competitions and our peer reviewed print journal JEAMS.

Thus publication in the Journal of the Epsilon Alpha Mu Society (JEAMS™) is a benefit for inductees of the EAM honor society, whether or not currently possessing an Ivy League affiliation, whether or not the research was conducted at an Ivy League institution or presented at one of our society biannual meetings.

Additionally, people from outside of the EAM community can be invited occasionally to publish columns and papers. Any scientist / engineer / physician / academic / student with a current Ivy League affiliation curious about the Epsilon Alpha Mu honor society is welcome to submit a resume / CV and color headshot photo to



Since students and postdocs can’t wait up to 2 years to see their manuscripts show up in a print journal, we will expedite the timeline from submission acknowledgment to print from 1 to 3 months.

High Impact

The inherent quality of scientists / engineers / physicians / academics / students from Ivy League institutions should result in an immediately respected journal, where hardcopies would be available at universities and public libraries.


Because STEM fields are still “publish or perish”, also beneficial are career development opportunities to write, peer review, and edit our academic journal.

Contact Us

Subscription rates are $1,000 for institutions, $200 for individuals, $100 for students / medical residents, $0 for JEAMS volunteers, and FREE for the first 10 EAM inductees of each semester. Ideally for the introductory first year, we would try to obtain charitable donations to pay those subscription rates and mailing cost.

Any type of library (public library, university or department, high school) would get first priority in this special offer, just submit the website address and/or photograph of your library to